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About Me

 To contact Sarah about your photography project click here

Sarah Hedges is a portrait photographer, passionate about delivering authentic and empowering portraits.  Her aspiration is to tell stories about peoples lives in an inspirational way for personal, corporate and commercial commissions.  

A natural story-teller, she specialises in capturing photographs of cultural events for promotional use to help clients amplify their event, raise awareness and drive engagement.

Sarah works with personal and corporate clients to understand their requirements in advance.  For portraits, she recommends capturing the style of the shoot in a mood board and for all projects the finer details will be outlined within a detailed brief for client approval. 

The backdrop to Sarah's work is the most googled city in the world, 'London'.  Click here for the latest

Sarah studied photography at London Institute of Photography and the The London School of Photography.  

She also works as a freelance marketing consultant experienced in the amplification of music and sport events and working with technology brands.  Her experience includes; brand transformation, content creation and delivering complex digital projects.  Sarah's collaborative work with some of London's finest technology, digital and pr talent has broken records, won awards and raised a few eyebrows.     

 To contact Sarah about your photography projectclick here or call M: +44 (0)7775 751197.

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